The healing word

Courage is what get me out of bed.
It’s what get me to school .
It’s what keeps me saying you rule.
It’s what truly understands the pain of getting laughed at heartbroke
and called names.
There are no words to explain the pain.
Frustration no.
Sad no.
Anger no.
All not good enough
The only word I can use is Courage

Ellen’s Diary

Date 1943

Dear Diary,

I just found out by my parent are going to go some place to hide from the nazis and I have to stay with Annmarie. I asked why they have to leave they said that the nazis stole the list name of the people who were at the synagogue and the addresses also so they could come after me at any moment. I am at Annmarie’s house right now and I feel as if I am one of their own kids .
I really miss my parents I keep telling myself that they will be back , but my conscience is telling me otherwise I nearly cry each time I think about it .In what would would a little girl be taken from her mother . It feels so terrible thinking about where my parents could be or if the nazis have taken them . Till tomorrow bye .

Madden 16

Madden 16

My favorite game

yet , no one to challenge me what a shame

I win win win and win

will this cycle ever end

Seahawks Redskins Vikings

So many team that you can chose

but , no matter what team you chose

you will lose


The Similarities and differences between communicating In person and with technology

There are multiply similarities between communicating in real life and with technology and some of them are they both involve communicating. After you say or send something you can’t take it back. They are the only ways of communicating face to face and both are the most used communication types. There are much more similarities than I could think of, but these are just the few I could think of off the top of my head.
Some differences with communicating in real life and communicating with technology are you can’t use true emotion one time I texted someone “that is good for you” and they couldn’t tell if I was being sarcastic are not. Another difference is that you can’t talk to someone from far away in real life but with a computer you can call or skype one time my aunt who lives in California wasn’t able to make it here for Christmas and we just skyped them. One difference between both of them is one cost money monthly and the other only cost money for gas.These are just a few similarities and differences between communicating in real life and with technology. I hope this gave you and idea of which way you want to communicate.

My Expedition to New York


It has been 14 years , but I remember it like it was yesterday .First I met a kid named rowley then my dog named doge , but my story begins on a plane .

          The flight attendant said “Attention passengers we will be landing in a few short minutes.” Finally we landed in New York and I wanted to go see the monuments such as lady liberty and the world trade center , but my family was tired and so they dragged me to the hotel and we got to the room and they all passed out after watching tv for a little bit I came up with a great idea to sneak out of the hotel and I came up with a plan and so I set my idea into a plan and now my plan into action . To  get out of the door I twisted the knob all the way and pull up and pushed  and it opened with no sound then I didn’t use the elevator I  used the stairs to make less noise and reached the bottom of the stairs and noticed the security guy was still there and just ran for the door and he saw me. I ran as fast as I could and the chase began

             . I tried to lose him and then I found a kid named rowley in the same situation and so we ran side by side which made them confused for a second , but they caught on quickly and I called in some back up my dog named doge he flew in from the sky and we hopped on his back . Rowley asked “how does your dog do this” and I said “ don’t question it.”

          “Helicopters  it had to be helicopters “ said rowley and then they finally caught and they arrested us for no reason and we set in jail Playing tag which got boring . Then after a whole hour of us playing tag my family came to bail us out of jail and I asked how they found out about me being in jail and they said they got a call from the cops .

          We boarded the plane and when we got home well that’s for another story.

5th Grade reflections

This year I did good whit grades and the whole 5th grade has been great in behavior well that’s what the teachers say , also I have made a bunch of new friends like Ben , Aidan , Alex , Astin , James , and Wyatt. Another thing was I learned all 50 states and capitals and had the best teachers of all time , and I  did really good on the STAAR test , but that is all that has happened this year hopefully next year will be even more fun

My Reflection GS Project

I fell my group did good . One person did most of the work and that was josh and i came up with the script and wyatt made the kahoot and josh came up with the  questions and the answers . We got from the class that we were well prepared , spoke clearly and gave a full understanding . I fell we could of been more prepared . Wyatt hardly talk in the presintation